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Social Media Training

Social Media has thrown a curveball at organizations small to large. At any time, without warning you could be at the centre of a viral social media storm. Employees, vendors, customers and clients can have a massive impact on your organization’s reputation and bottom line with just a simple post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat or Google.

Training & education are essential to maintaining a healthy company culture. Your employees can be your greatest asset through advocacy, rather than a liability. They can help you tell the story of your organization – attracting new business, new talent and new opportunities.

If you need help creating Social Media Guidelines and training for your organization,  let’s talk about your business goals and how we can customize a program to support them.

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Most popular social media training sessions!

Social Media Meme

Audience: Entrepreneurs & Businesses
Duration: 120 minutes

Overview: This is an introductory session for individuals and businesses who are just getting their feet wet with social media. It touches on guidelines, best practices and each of the social media sites. It can be customized for each business based around social media policies.

Audience: General
Duration: 120 minutes

Overview: This session is geared towards  educators navigating social media and how to teach students appropriate online communication. It covers respectful use of social media, social media & the law, as well as  how to stay safe online. The basis of the session is ‘what happens online doesn’t stay online.’

Social Media for Business Meme

Audience: Sales Professionals
Duration: 120 minutes

Overview: This is an advanced session geared toward sales professionals interested in growing their current network by engaging with other professionals. In it, I demonstrate how you can turn your target prospects into leads and then customers by using relevant content and engagement.

social media at work meme

Audience: Employers
Duration: 120 minutes

Overview: This session is an intense look at social media and the workplace. It is for business owners and leadership teams who are interested in social media at work, but unsure of where to start. We start by looking at social media guidelines for work, what training for employees would look like & how to roll out an entire social media program to your employees.

*All sessions are customizable and available in-person or virtually. Contact Kat for more information.