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Social Media Management

We help you manage the ‘Facepages’ so you can manage your business. 


We talk to a lot of businesses and individuals who have been told they need to ‘Get on Social Media!’ – But once they get everything set up, they’re not entirely sure what to do next! 

Often we get so focused on jumping on social media channels, we forget why we’re doing it. When we forget why we’re doing it, we don’t track anything; and when we don’t track anything, we have no idea whether it’s working or not. And if we don’t know whether it’s working, should we be allocating resources and time on it?

At TAKCAM, we help you put a social media and digital marketing plan together that’s focused on your business objectives (whether you want to reach customers, clients or employees; learn insights or generate leads.) And if you’re not entirely sure what your goal is, that’s OK too – you’re not alone! (We’re here to help guide you.) 



We provide social media + digital marketing management for: 


Financial Advisors


Oil & Gas 


Public Figures

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“Kat’s knowledge and experience is second to none! She had an amazing ability to help make sense of the complex landscape of social media. It is both a honor and pleasure to work with her!”

Shawna Roch, President Shaw-Roco Solutions Inc.


For Businesses 

  • Help you develop a plan
  • Set Up Social Media Channels
  • Optimize + Connect
  • Curate Content
  • Create Custom Content
  • Schedule Content
  • Develop Branded Assets
  • Provide Community Management
  • Provide Training Internally
  • Provide Reporting


For Entrepreneurs 

  • Help you with a plan
  • Help you create your personal brand + voice
  • Develop Branded Assets
  • Get you set up with tools
  • Optimize social channels
  • Curate Content
  • Create Content
  • Schedule Content
  • Provide Community Management
  • Provide Training
  • Provide Reporting


For Individuals 

  • Work with you to develop a plan
  • Help you create your personal brand
  • Guide you on communication
  • Optimize social channels
  • Get you set up with appropriate tools
  • Curate Content
  • Create Content
  • Provide Community Management
  • Provide Training
  • Provide Reporting

What can we expect for Social Media ROI?

There’s no shortage of  “social media experts” who will advise businesses to focus on metrics such as likes, shares, views, impressions, follows, retweets, favorites and comments as a measurement of success. Now don’t get me wrong, these metrics are an excellent temperature check for your business on social -> do people engage with your content? how often? do they share it? do they hide it? It can provide meaningful insights as to what types of content to share, when to share and how often to share. With that said, you can’t pay the bills with likes, tweets, RT’s and shares.

Our approach to designing social media and digital marketing programs is with a focus on your business objectives. No matter which social media platform you choose, we always link it back to how it will support business outcomes. [Read More]

Want to learn more? Each week I answer all of your burning social media and digital marketing questions. We go live every Wednesday at 10am MST over on Facebook. Come join us!

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