Social Media for Insurance Professionals

Social Media & Insurance may not seem like a natural fit. However, leveraging this two-way communication method is huge benefit to the insurance industry {especially if you’re trying to humanize your business.}

In the event of a catastrophe (like the Alberta Floods or Fort McMurray Fire) insurance companies (brokers, agents) can reach their clients and the community within seconds with critical information. They can direct people to the right places and answer frequently asked questions online, rather than tying up critical resources over the phone. In normal circumstances, they can reach and engage with people online about topics that concern them – like claims – and how to handle them. It is an opportunity for insurance professionals to be visible and valuable.

How Insurance Professionals are using Social Media

Engage & Learn Insights from your clients & prospective clients
Share critical information
Provide an alternative & efficient method of customer support
Enhance & Build brand loyalty
Create awareness around insurance issues
Showcase your business
Increase leads

Social Media + Insurance News


“Kat worked on several social media projects for me at Sharp Insurance. Sharp is a sister company to Rogers Insurance. Her work ethic is outstanding. She pays attention to details and takes her work very seriously and with a lot of pride. Our social media efforts greatly improved and Kat was eager to try to new ideas and strategies to improve our results. I would highly recommend Kat for the work she does.”
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