Social Media & Digital Marketing for Human Resources
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Social Media Training for Employers and Human Resources Professionals

Learn The Basics Of How To Create A Healthy ‘Social’ Company Culture

Social Media has thrown a curveball at companies small and large. At any time, without warning, you can be the centre of a viral social media storm. Employees, vendors, customers and clients can have a massive impact on reputations and bottom lines with just a simple post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat. At TAKCAM, we help organizations navigate and leverage social media through training, coaching and management. Through training and speaking events, we teach employers and employees how to successfully weave social media into the culture of their company’s. We cover topics like how to develop appropriate guidelines and training that will protect your organization but also motivate key stakeholders (employees, clients & leadership) to get onboard! 


What is covered in the Social Media + HR Mini Session?

  • Foundations Of Social Media Guideline
  • Social Media Training Tips
  • Laws You Should Be Aware Of

Duration: 45 minutes

Training Sessions For Employees:

How does Social Media Training help organizations?

  • Ensures that employees understand guidelines and company policies surrounding Social Media
  • Clarifies laws that can affect employers and employees who actively use Social Media, both on and off-the-clock
  • Demonstrates Social Media best practices
  • Reduces the risk surrounding unfortunate ‘viral’ posts that can affect your organizations reputation and bottom line

Each day we hear stories about social media: trolling on twitter, bullying on Facebook, sexting via Snapchat. We’ve heard countless tales of people being fired for social media updates, posts, comments & pictures. Not to mention famous brands and celebrities getting in trouble for their social media faux pas. The one thread that links all of the above together is that social media users come from all backgrounds, education levels and geographic locations, industries, interests and religion. And they all have varying understanding of how social media can impact their workplace, career and their employers.

I’ve worked on a variety of social media training programs from orientations to advanced levels, in topics varying from staying safe online to getting your business up-to-speed.

Below you’ll find information about the Social Media training sessions I currently offer employers.

Please get in touch you’re looking for a more customized approach to social media training!


“I was very fortunate to participate in some of Kat’s facilitated sessions around social media usage and guidelines. I very quickly saw how it all ties back into the communication strategy and reputation of an organization and the far-reaching impact of it’s use, or misuse. I found her sessions eye-opening on multiple levels; as a user, consumer, employee and HR professional. Kat’s organized approach to delivery offers impactful relevant learning to individual employees and businesses alike. She has a no nonsense, practical approach that I can really get behind as an HR practitioner. Businesses and individuals alike need a trusted resource like Kat to help them formulate a strategy that aligns with their brand or objectives. I highly recommend (and personally) align with her vision and approach as a professional. The influence and impact of social media and communication is far too important to approach without a carefully considered and well carried out strategy, and as either an individual or an organization, Kat is definitely someone you want on your side to help build and execute yours.”

– Leona Furrow | LongView Systems

Social Media Guidelines

Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds. What we think is ‘common knowledge’ isn’t always so common.  Can employees use Facebook at work? What are the consequences of sharing confidential information in a tweet? Can someone be fired for a LinkedIn post? It’s important to clearly outline company expectations through social media guidelines.

Social Media Training

This may be profoundly startling, but most employees don’t read guidelines and policies. I know. Shocker! So that’s why having your employees attend a training session designed to review policies and guidelines, as well as encourage dialogue is important. After umpteen training sessions, I’ve learned that both employers and employees don’t fully their rights online and offline. This is a chance to ensure questions get answered and everyone is set up for success.


Protect your reputation and interests by taking the necessary time to cover off social media risks and opportunities. We already know that our employees can be our greatest asset, but it’s our job to make sure that they’re set up for success.

Image of Kat Macaulay on stage at Advocis Banff School talking about Social Media, Marketing and financial services

Who Is Kat Macaulay?

She’s best known for her no-nonsense, no bull$h1t approach to marketing, she helps organizations navigate and leverage social media + digital marketing in ways that matter.

She’s been a trailblazer in the social media + human resource world, developing guidelines and training that set both employees and employers up for success. She’s advised and trained both Human Resource departments and employees alike all throughout Alberta (CPHR Alberta, as well as private organizations.) Her sessions are known to be both entertaining and effective.

Kat holds certifications from Google, as well as Facebook and is currently working toward her masters in Digital Marketing. Her desire to stay on top of industry changes and trends, as well as continued education, sets her apart from others in the field.

With experience in government, not-for-profit and corporate, she’s worked with some of the worlds largest brands and has counselled dozens of senior leaders. She’s designed and developed marketing programs that help organizations grow their visibility, amplify their message and increase bottom lines. A passionate teacher, Kat also teaches Social Media Analytics, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Advertising at Mount Royal University.

Kat also hosts the Facebook Live show called, “Social Media Questions with Kat” where she answers social media and digital marketing questions for other marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

When she’s not busy helping others, she’s busy planning her retirement to Cape Breton.