You're spending time, money and resources on marketing - but is it working?

How effective is your marketing?

Having a measurement plan is often forgotten when launching a marketing strategy. But how do you know if your marketing is effective?

With the introduction of digital, there's no shortage of marketing tactics. But are you getting results that are important to your business?

Several yeras ago Kat was brought into a search engine marketing project. The company had signed a significant contract with an agency to develop a new website, custom content, digital ads and implement a social media strategy.

So you can imagine my surprise after Kat began auditing the program and realized they were spending their marketing budget on channels and tactics that were working against business objectives. The most unforunate part is that the company was never-the-wiser until we began to critically review the program. In a short amount of time, they sunk a considerable amount of the budget on marketing that wasn't effective.

Marketing Effectiveness Reporting is about more than vomitting vanity metrics. It's about identifying what's working and what's not.

Sure, it's awesome to see thousands of clicks on a digital ad, but how does it impact the business? And it's great to get engagement on social media channels, but what does that mean? It's fantastic to spend the time and energy to create custom content - but what are the outcomes?

Kat has completed the Google Analytics Individial Qualification (which is really just a fancy way of saying she understands Advanced Google Analytics concepts.) She teaches Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics at Mount Royal University and is currently working on a specialization in Marketing Analytics. She can quickly spot issues, but has the tools and knowledge to tackle most marketing challenges.

If your business has jumped online and you'd like guidance and recommendations on what's working and what's not, we'd love to help.

Who Is This Solution For?

Business owners and marketing teams who are already running digital marketing programs but are unsure of their effectiveness and return on marketing investment.

What Does It Include?

We provide monthly actionable marketing reports combined with strategic consulting sessions. These reports include key recommendations across channels such as social media, digital ads, website, content, and traditional marketing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Marketing Effectiveness Analysis + One-On-One Sessions begin at $700 CAD. [*Available Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly + Annually]

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Clients who implement recommendations enjoy improved marketing results, for example, one client optimized their assets, refocused their messaging, and saw an increase in website conversions from two per month to forty+ [We can help you identify where you're bleeding budget and realign to match important business outcomes.]

Do you have multiple agencies working on various parts of your marketing program?

(e.g.: Social Media Consultant, Website Developer, Google Ads, Content Writer)

Learn how effective your marketing strategy is with a TAKCAM Marketing Audit.