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Humanize your brand the Snapchat way

The insurance industry’s reputation could be improved by using Snapchat to engage and humanize their stories, says marketer Kat Macauley. It’s a fundamental truth that humans are behind the decisions made in companies, and the adage goes that we do business we people we know, like, and trust. One means of humanizing your brand? Snapchat.
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Social media is new rule in insurer catastrophe response

When a catastrophic incident occurs, the sharing of vital information in real time is of utmost importance – especially for insurers, who are often on the front lines of support. Social media has become one of the most effective methods for connecting policyholders with their insurers in times of need, and carriers and brokers are wise to have an official strategy in place.
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Insurance: No Flash, Just Opportunity

The insurance industry for most people is a grudge buy. It’s not as much fun as jewelry or a car. We don’t want to purchase it, but we know we must. In fact, you could make the argument that such a product would be difficult to market across social media.
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Things Connected

“You have to balance premium discounts with the fact that the company owns your data, your profile,” says Kat Macaulay, a digital communications specialist with Rogers Insurance. “What will happen with that data? Could it be sold? That is what consumers need to be aware of when we have this data gathering. Who owns the data, and will my privacy be protected?”
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Debate over cold calling gets hot

The story ‘cold calling is dead’ set the broker channel ablaze with comments praising the benefits of social media, and defending the tried-and-true method of picking up the phone and saying ‘hello.’
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Long-time Nova Scotia fan of the Calgary Flames will finally witness a live game on Valentine's Day

There will be no shortage of romance in Calgary on Valentine’s Day — but to witness the greatest love affair of all, you will have to be in the Saddledome on the night of Feb. 14
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It is all in how you use it: LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool does have value, those in the insurance industry agree, as more and more people use the social media platform as a place for positive, professional interaction.
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Calgary Stampede: Meet the volunteers

The Calgary Stampede has 47 volunteer committees and over 2,300 volunteers. We’re sharing their stories year-round. Thanks to Ashley Archer for talking to Kat Macaulay from the Parade Committee.
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