Marketing Programs at TAKCAM 

Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Ads, Public Relations, Media - Lots of moving parts, but where do you start?

Fiverr, 99Design and others make it easy to develop branded assets. WordPress, Squarespace and Wix make it easy to set up a website. Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easier to share your message with a broader audience. Videos, blogs, podcasts make it seem like it’s easy-peezy to execute. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not rocket science and we’re not saving lives. But without a marketing and communications plan in place, you probably won’t achieve the results you set out to.


At TAKCAM we understand the importance of spending time and money wisely {hello! our founder was raised in Cape Breton. Her dad would give her a dollar to buy a treat and tell her to bring the change back!} But seriously… what makes us different from others in our field is our focus on using both big and small data to make marketing decisions. We believe it’s important to understand and connect the dots between your business goals and how marketing can support them. We work with you to develop a plan that includes a an Audit, a SWOT, a Competitive Analysis, as well as a measurement plan.

If you’re sick of spending money on marketing without understanding whether you’re getting results or not, get in touch.



Get Started On Your Marketing Strategy with TAKCAM! 

What’s our marketing strategy process?


Known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns.

What types of marketing are you participating in to currently enhance your brand and drive business? Do you use print ads or billboards? Broadcast? Radio? TV ads? Magazines? Direct Marketing? Word-of-Mouth? Referrals? What are your competitors doing? What works? What doesn’t?


Hope is not a strategy.

The planning stage is where we take a hard look at your your business objectives, goals and targets and connect it to marketing and communications. We tell you exactly how to integrate online marketing (social media, digital marketing) with offline marketing (TV ads, billboards, magazine articles) to achieve meaningful business outcomes. We include a SWOT, Competitive Analysis, and most importantly, a measurement plan.


Where do we go from here.

After we’ve handed over your marketing plan, if you decide to execute on your own we will make sure you understand each component clearly. And if you decide you need a little extra help, we can assist with varied levels of execution to simply monitoring your progress and providing reports on a monthly basis.