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How much does social media management cost?

Whether you’re looking for training, coaching to full support, the cost of social media management depends on a few factors. The below ranges give an idea of what you can expect from coast-to-coast.

Online Assistant (Virtual Assistant)

$25-50 CAD per hour

An online assistant is an excellent option if you’re looking for tactical help with your social media program. Assistants range in price and skills. VA’s are available as generalists and specialists. A general VA can help with general administration of your social media program such as posting content, research and general updates. A specialist may focus on one specific area such as content writing, SEO and graphics. How VAs charge for their services may vary; some charge hourly while others base it on monthly retainer.

Social Media Coach

$100-500 CAD per hour

A Social Media Coach’s chief responsibility is equipping you with the knowledge and resources you need to get the job done on your own. They don’t typically develop your social media plan, nor execute but they will help you navigate social media. They can offer guidance on social media channels such as training, set up and optimization, as well as content strategies. However, the rubber meets the road when you take the advice gained from coaching sessions and put them into practice. Many Social Media Coaches will work with an individual or team on a per project basis.

Social Media Trainer

$300 – $2500 CAD per session

A Social Media Trainer’s job is to get you and your organization up-to-speed online with step-by-step instruction (cutting down on time and guesswork.) Social Media Trainers typically have experience across social media channels. They can provide in-depth training for specific social media channels,  trusted tools or a basic overview of several channels. Instruction topics can range from beginner (e.g.: setting up social media channels) to intermediate (e.g.: social media optimization, website integration, analytics and full-blown social media program roll out.)

Social Media Strategist

$35-500 CAD per hour

You’re probably learning quickly that social media skills and specialities vary greatly (including the cost to engage!) A social media strategist is typically someone who has marketing and communications education and training. They have the knowledge, experience, creativity and analytical background to tackle social media in a way that matters to your business. Being well-versed in social media (trends, tests, tactics) they understand the importance of developing a plan with your business goals in mind. Additionally, they have mastered the logistics of not only executing the plan but analyzing business outcomes. Cost variation depends largely on the consultant or agency. An agency with in-house services (graphic design, SEO, blog writing, media relations etc.) will typically land at higher end of the scale, while solo-consultants are on the other end. Across Canada, the average cost for a consultant comes in at $150 per hour, but new consultants typically come in lower.

Social Media Manager

$700+ CAD per month

A Social Media Manager is an extension of your business. At TAKCAM, we manage social media channels 24/7 for our clients. We can create and curate content to engage with your customers but are also equipped to handle complaints. Ahead of launching, we put together a plan where we identify goals and actions (including what to do in a crisis situation, as well as identifying key contacts for critical situations.) As you’ve likely seen, video and graphics have become a huge part of many social media programs. Graphics tell the story of your business and sharing high-quality work showcases your brand. In most cases we can offer in-house graphic design support but we’re also happy to work with graphic design teams of your choice.

 At TAKCAM we specialize in all things social media & digital marketing. However, if we don’t have the expertise you’re looking for we can always point you in the right direction!

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