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Grande Prairie Social Media Services

If you’re like a lot of the organizations & businesses we talk to, you’re already ‘on’ social media you’re just not entirely sure what to do with it. You’ve heard that you can use it for business – but how? What if we told you that social media is a place that you can reach your current and prospective clients, showcase yourself & get you increased exposure that could lead to great things {like new business.}

We work with businesses to get them up-to-speed with social media & digital marketing. We look at your business goals & put together social media & digital marketing programs that can help you reach them.

Social Media Management

Now that you’ve set up Facebook or LinkedIn for your business, you’re not sure what to do with it. Our social media programs are anchored on the principle that they support your business goals, so we make sure that the programs are designed to bring your business real value.

Social Media Coaching

Maybe all you need is to tap into someone else’s experience. We’ve worked with industries from oil to insurance, lifestyle brands to household names and organizations large & small. We’ll take a look at your business goals and I’ll coach you on how to use social media  to support them with tech and resources available at our fingertips.

Social Media Training

Our Social Media Training programs are designed for beginners through ‘experts.’ If you’re looking to sharpen your social media skills, learn new platforms or train employees about safety online, we’ve got you covered. All training sessions are customizable to meet your goals.

A. Lillies

Vice President, Sales
“When we hired Kat we knew our online presence was lacking on many levels. What we did know was how much opportunity there was for us out there if we really took control. Kat has introduced us to the power of social media. We are using Kat’s tools and training to grow our business, assist our clients and communicate in a real time manner that we never imagined we could. Kat has a passion for what she does and a natural ability to teach us.”
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