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Cochrane Social Media & Digital Marketing Services

Are you using social media for your business? Adding Social Media to your marketing mix can be a great addition to your business communications. But often what we hear from businesses is that they don’t believe they’re in the right industry to take advantage of social media. Here’s the truth: whether you’re in oilfield maintenance or an insurance broker; a large corporation or sole proprietor social media can benefit your business. Now, perhaps you know how to use social media every day personally, but struggle to incorporate it into your business. That’s O.K. You’re not alone!

Here are ways businesses {like yours} are using social media:

  • to reach & engage with the people in your community
  • to showcase their business
  • to enhance brand loyalty
  • to establish new leads

We work with businesses large and small to help get them up-to-speed with social media & digital marketing. The first step is taking a look at your business goals and next designing a social media & digital marketing program that can help you reach them!

Social Media Management

Now that you’ve set up Facebook or LinkedIn for your business, you’re not sure what to do with it. Our social media programs are anchored on the principle that they support your business goals, so we make sure that the programs are designed to bring your business real value.

Social Media Coaching

Maybe all you need is to tap into someone else’s experience. We’ve worked with industries from oil to insurance, lifestyle brands to household names and organizations large & small. We’ll take a look at your business goals and I’ll coach you on how to use social media  to support them with tech and resources available at our fingertips.

Social Media Training

Our Social Media Training programs are designed for beginners through ‘experts.’ If you’re looking to sharpen your social media skills, learn new platforms or train employees about safety online, we’ve got you covered. All training sessions are customizable to meet your goals.

H. McCann

“Kat’s tutorial sessions are always charged with energy in addition to providing invaluable information and a refreshing prospective to the world of social media.

Though we no longer work together, I just love following Kat’s posts on LinkedIn. She poses the provocative questions and encourages outside-of-the-box thinking, even if it happens to challenge the “status quo”.

In business, I would be honored to have the fierce creative force, that is Kat, on my side!”

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