Social Media Management is more than just posting to Facebook

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September 29, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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Social Media Management is more than just posting to Facebook

“That’s too expensive for social media management! I could find someone else cheaper! All we need to do is post to our Facebook every day!”

When you don’t know the nuances between social media professionals and the services they offer, you may be shocked by the cost. The reality is that social media skills and specialities are all over the map, which is only complicated by the misconception that one can achieve meaningful business results just by setting up their profile and posting each day. {And due to the popularity of social media, there’s been an explosion of people posing as social media experts – taking full advantage of those who don’t know any better.}

Social Media Truth Bomb:

Just because someone knows how to set up a social media profile, does not mean they can produce meaningful business outcomes.

Signs Of A True Professional:

  • can identify social media goals that can be tied back to business goals
  • can give you sound counsel & guidance on marketing, communications and branding
  • have a network of trusted experts in various fields (SEO, Media, AdWords, Content, Graphics, Websites)
  • can assist in social media strategy development
  • can advise on latest trends & tactics
  • can set up & optimize profiles
  • can identify opportunities
  • can help you increase online leads and conversions
  • can help you reach the right people, at the right time
  • can show you how to measure what matters
  • can give you access to powerful insights
  • can provide you with reports that you can make sense of
  • can help to generate brand awareness
  • don’t bs

Signs Of Smoke + Mirrors:

  • will focus on vanity (promise to get you likes)
  • will promise to make posts viral
  • will tell you that you must post every single day
  • will promise to get you to page one on google in less than three weeks because of Facebook
  • will only do things organically – no planning or tools
  • will be markedly cheaper than others
  • don’t believe in measuring anything

But we do want more likes.

There’s no doubt that when you have a higher follower number the potential for reaching a wider audience is increased. And sometimes perception is important depending on your industry. However, this should never be your number one goal because you can’t pay bills in ‘likes’; think in terms of business outcomes that matter to you.

But we do want our posts to go viral. 

Promising to create ‘viral’ posts is bologna. The goal of content should always be to serve your audience – give them what they want. Having viral pieces is nice, but make sure that your goal is focused on being visible & valuable.

But we do want to post every day. 

Posting regularly is important. But quality will always trump quantity. While it’s important to be consistent and active online, it’s not effective to randomly throw posts up without a plan. A social media professional will take time to do an audit of your business, competitors, the market – they will look for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. When they’ve done that, they will put a plan together that supports your overall business objectives.

But we do want to be on page one of google. 

There’s no problem with a goal of making it to ‘page one of google’ but if your social media expert promises to get you there in less than 8-12 weeks, they are full of it. The reality is that no one (save for google itself who understands how the algorithm works) can make those types of promises.

But we don’t care if they measure anything. 

It’s okay that you don’t measure your social media or marketing efforts, but true professionals measure what matters. How will we ever know if your efforts on social media are successful (or not?) I’ve met marketers who say they never look at analytics – it’s so important in order to make better decisions in the future and spend budgets appropriately.

But we don’t even have a plan ourselves. 

It’s totally fine that you don’t have a plan, heck lots of businesses who do have plans never follow them (I’ve worked with a few!) However, if you engage a social media professional because you have a specific goal, they’ll want to put a plan in place.

But we don’t have a big budget. 

No matter the budget you have to put towards social media, if you’re working with someone who is full of bologna, you’re still wasting your money – whether it’s $400 a month or $20,000. A good social media professional will work with your budget and advise you on where to spend it in order to get the best return.

Ultimately what matters to the success of your social media program is that you know your goals and you have a clear plan on how you’ll reach them (including measurement.) Remember that Social Media Professionals have experience and knowledge beyond the basics. They understand that it takes more than setting up a Facebook business page to make a meaningful impact to your business. They have the skills and network to cover all the bases from brand building and public relations to blogging and graphic design.

Do you need help getting started? Get in touch! 🙂


Kat Macaulay, BA ADdPR BnC
Kat Macaulay, BA ADdPR BnC
Kat Macaulay is a Marketing Strategist, Writer + Speaker known for her no-nonsense approach to pretty much everything. Using data insights, she helps organizations market more effectively to get results that matter. She's also a high-scoring instructor at Mount Royal University, where she teaches Social Media Analytics and Google Analytics + Marketing Measurement. She holds certifications from Google, as well as Facebook and is currently working toward a specialization in Marketing Analytics and a certificate in Data Science from IBM. When she’s not busy juggling kids, volunteering + work, she’s busy planning her retirement to Cape Breton.