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Social Media + Digital Marketing can be overwhelming – I can help!

If you’re like most business owners I talk to, you’ve probably already set up social media for your business because you read somewhere that it was critical for success, but now you don’t know what to do next. Or you’ve set up social media for your business, but despite your best efforts you’re not active and the last time you posted was…well, you can’t even remember! That’s ok. 

I help businesses and organizations navigate and leverage social media in ways that matter. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, learn customer insights, increase customer satisfaction or generate new leads, I create custom social media strategies that are geared toward your business and results you care about!  Once we’ve got a plan in place, I’m right here to help execute and manage it – all you need to do is decide how much involvement you want to have!

Help Getting Started With Social Media [Blog]

Social Media Questions with Kat


As your local, Alberta resource for everything social media and digital marketing, Kat spends each Wednesday morning answering your questions over on Facebook Live. She’s covered everything from starting your social media program to the latest, What is social media listening? [Blog Recap] 

Join her every Wednesday at 10am MST!

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No time, patience or energy to tackle social media + digital marketing management?

(Read Below To See What’a Included)

  • Marketing Strategy based on business objectives and goals
  • Social + Digital Optimization (*Ensuring your social channels match branded marketing & communications material.)
  • Community Management (*Guaranteed speedy response times – no more customer questions or reviews going unanswered!)
  • Custom Created and Curated content for social media channels (*Struggling to figure out what to share? We do the research for you and queue it up!)
  • Content Scheduling (*We schedule your content via automation tools, so your messages go out consistently.)
  • Custom Cover Photos + Graphics (*Get rid of old, outdated photos – we’ll create new ones for you!)
  • Monthly reporting (*Information & data that you care about in terms of whether we’re hitting goals.)
  • Extra time to focus on your business {because you get to sit back & relax while social media management is handled for you!}

Who Is Kat? 

Having worked on several social media & digital marketing programs, Kat is no stranger to what works and what doesn’t.

As an early-adopter of social media, Kat is a ‘pioneer’ of the ‘new rules of marketing & PR’ (according to world-renowned marketing strategist & #1 Bestselling author David Meerman Scott.)

With experience in government, not-for-profit & corporate, she’s worked with some of the worlds largest brands and has counselled dozens of senior leaders. She has designed & developed marketing programs from scratch, helping companies increase visibility and bottom lines. She’s had the privilege to work on a LinkedIn sales pilot program, give talks about Snapchat & trains organizations on leveraging social media internally & externally.

Last December she launched the Facebook Live show called, “Casual Coffee & Social Media Questions with Kat” and co-hosts the show, “Simple Social Live” where they tackle social media & digital marketing questions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Through coaching, training & management, she can help your organization too!

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