We believe one of the greatest risks to businesses is bad marketing advice.

Why We Do What We Do

There are a lot of marketers who are full of sh!t.

When Kat started TAKCAM it was because she was tired of the BS; she saw how much businesses invested in marketing and knew that there was a better way to help them.

It's not uncommon to hear from businesses and other marketers who have invested heavily in their marketing, only to be disappointed.

At TAKCAM we consider ourselves part of your team and your business. We work hard to ensure our clients go on to confidently execute their marketing strategies while continuing to get the support they need and expect.

What Does TAKCAM Do Differently?

We are Prudent, Strategic and Accountable

We're deeply invested in the success of your business. That's why we approach each marketing project as an extension of your team. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions because we don't believe you will get results that matter that way.

We have extensive knowledge in marketing and communications. We've worked on branding, content development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media and digital ads. But it is our expertise marketing analytics, that truly sets us apart from others in our field. We show our clients where they may be wasting their resources and budget and keep them on track based on goals that are important to them.

The Roots of TAKCAM Marketing
Most company tales begin with the founder discussing their great vision; one you can see and feel.

However, TAKCAM Marketing was never something that I dreamt about; in fact, if it hadn't been for a series of unfortunate events, it never would have come to fruition.

Let’s start from the beginning...

In 2008, the economy in Nova Scotia was a mess. The contract position I loved and thrived in was coming to an end and the job market was bleak. With student loans that needed paying, I bought a one-way ticket to Alberta.

Upon arriving in the land of opportunity, I realized that the recession and job market had followed me here - and an even bigger problem - no one knew who I was, or cared.

I pounded the pavement, handed out resumes and used every tool available to find opportunities - but came up short. My saving grace was a deep love of community and getting involved (fueled by my Cape Breton roots.) So when I wasn’t making headway on the job front, I jumped directly into volunteering. It wasn’t long before I met new people and had help in securing a job in a marketing agency.

Sadly, just a few weeks into my new job, I received the news that my uncle had passed suddenly. It was a devastating.

He had been someone I admired for how how he made others feel comfortable, how he looked out for them, his humour and straight-forward approach (something I've worked hard to model.)

In 2010, with his divine intervention [through a legacy he left behind] I bought my first mac computer and with the encouragement of a trusted few, I threw the TAKCAM shingle out. I began doing what kids these days call the “side hustle” - I worked on anything I could get my hands on: content, branding, website development, social media and graphic design.

When I left the corporate world permanently in 2013, my vision for TAKCAM grew into what it is today: a trusted marketing partner for business owners (as well as other marketers.) A place to come to for sound and strategic marketing guidance.

From my time on the company side and now on the agency side, I've grown weary of hearing stories of busineses being duped by marketing ‘experts’ whose interest are strictly in terms of lining their own pockets, without pause or concern of how it will impact their clients.

And in a nutshell, this is the biggest risk to our clients today - bad advice from fly-by-night marketing experts.

2020 marks six years solo at TAKCAM, or, “all in” as the kids say - helping clients across a variety of industries market themselves more strategically and effectively.

With each year I continue to be very proud of the work we do and the clients we work with.

If you're searching for a marketing consultant that you can trust, please get in touch.