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Below are our most popular services.

Marketing Strategy + Execution

The amount of marketing advice floating around online can be overwhelming. We know that every business is different, so we take the time to learn about your goals. From there, we craft an integrated marketing strategy and execution plan that will help you achieve results.

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

When you spend time and resources on marketing your business, you need to know whether it is working or not. We help you determine the best places to invest your marketing budget.

Marketing Coaching + Training + Speaking

Sometimes you just need a little guidance from someone who has been there, done that. In my custom coaching, training and speaking sessions we identify your goals and work toward them.


Thank you for checking out the TAKCAM Marketing website!

I'm Kat. I founded TAKCAM back in 2010 doing what kids these days call 'side-hustlin'

(I was risin' and grindin' before it was a cool pound-sign trending on Twitter.)

But my love for marketing, specifically social media and digital marketing, began long before that. During my studies of traditional public relations, I became fascinated by social media. I excitedly shared how I believed this would change PR, but was told it was a fad. Fortunately, I'm fairly good at spotting opportunities, so I ignored that input to become a pioneer of the new rules of marketing and public relations.

Nothing excites me more than exploring new ways for my clients to communicate and helping them learn how to market more effectively to get results that matter. Each project I take on, whether it's Marketing Launch + Strategy, Marketing Effectiveness Reporting or custom coaching, training or speaking - I approach strategically with prudence and accountability.

Now, I do have a couple of letters after my name and hold certifications from Google and Facebook; I stay on top of industry trends and I'm currently working toward a marketing analytics specialization. But I imagine what's most relevant to you is that I can help you get results that matter.

Aside from the regular information you'll find on the site about my services and industries I serve, I also maintain my blog "marKATable" (see what I did there?) I take on marketing trends and news; as well as answer questions from other marketers and business owners. Finally, once a month I send out the Secret Marketing Email

Thanks again for checking out the site! I love hearing from business owners and other marketers and I'm always happy to answer any social media + digital marketing questions - so don't be a stranger!

How We Help Clients

The world of marketing is a B I G one. There are a lot of smoke and mirrors. However, running a business gives you an appreciation for only focusing on the important things. At TAKCAM, we support businesses with results-focused marketing solutions. Below are a couple of ways we help.

Who We've Worked With + Where We've Been Featured

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How To Get Started With Us

The way we've set up our onboarding process is to make sure that we're the right fit for one another. And even if we're not the right fit, we can help you find a solution and connect you with another group.

Google Analytics Certifications

In addition to the certifications below, Kat has also passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.

Check Out The Latest Marketing News + Insights

The TAKCAM Marketing Blog tackles industry insights, news and myths. We give businesses actionable ideas that they can start implementing right away. Have a question about something you saw or read online? Send it to us!


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