Social Media & Digital Marketing Consultant | Alberta

Having worked on several social media & digital marketing programs, Kat is no stranger to what works and what doesn’t. As an early-adopter of social media, Kat is a ‘pioneer’ of the ‘new rules of marketing & PR’ (according to world-renowned marketing strategist & #1 Bestselling author David Meerman Scott.)

With experience in government, not-for-profit & corporate, she’s worked with some of the worlds largest brands and has counselled dozens of senior leaders. She has designed & developed marketing programs from scratch, helping companies increase visibility and bottom lines. She’s had the privilege to work on a LinkedIn sales pilot program, give talks about Snapchat & trains organizations on leveraging social media internally & externally. Through coaching, training & management, she can help your organization too!

“I love what I do because I get to help other businesses. There’s nothing more fulfilling than meeting with someone, hearing their communications problems and then being able to find a solution that actually matters to their business. I realize that in many cases business owners aren’t sure ‘why’ they ‘need’ this new medium of communication. So it’s my job to make the social + digital world less intimidating & more relevant to their business objectives!”

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Craig Cherrett

Craig Cherrett

“Kat is always the first one in and last one out on a project. She has a great ability to see the strategy behind an action. Every time I’ve had the pleasure to work with her, she is always insightful and brings a creative approach to any role. Proactive, strategic, creative and fun to work with.”