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“When we hired Kat we knew our online presence was lacking on many levels. What we did know was how much opportunity there was for us out there if we really took control. Kat has introduced us to the power of social media. We are using Kat’s tools and training to grow our business, assist our clients and communicate in a real time manner that we never imagined we could. Kat has a passion for what she does and a natural ability to teach us.” A. Lillies, VP Sales
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As your local Alberta resource for everything social media & digital marketing, we help you navigate social media & digital marketing (plus the bologna that comes with it) and cut down on time & frustration it takes to get up-to-speed online! We offer social media training, coaching & management to business large and small, across all industries. Not sure where to start? Give us a buzz! {Don’t forget to check out the FREE Social Media Analysis!}
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Social Media allows you to reach your clients faster & easier. Why? Because most of them already use sites. The most challenging piece of the puzzle will be learning what sites they like to communicate on. How will you add value?

Watch your business grow!

When you carefully design a marketing plan with goals & targets in mind, you can watch things happen in real-time. With analytics, you can make adjustments that will positively impact your campaign – getting you the most ‘bang for your buck!”

Be flexible & responsive!

You can spend less on an entire month of digital marketing than you can on one print ad. The best part is that you’re in control of where things go. Don’t like the direction? You can pivot at any time!

Here's how I'm helping businesses like yours!

Social Media & Digital Marketing can be intimidating (and frustrating.)

The #1 concern we hear from clients when it comes to marketing & communications is that they know that they’ve got to keep their website & social media sites current, but they don’t have the time, desire or the budget to hire someone full-time.

I help businesses improve their online presence, as well as their bottom lines with social media & digital marketing.


  • Reach the right people, at the right time with the right information
  • Increase leads
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website
  • Boost PR & community relations
  • Generate traditional media attention
  • Learn business & customer insights
  • Access cost-savings & efficiencies
  • Track ROI
  • I had the pleasure of working with Kat and the Rogers team earlier this year. Within my current role at LinkedIn, I help financial services teams better understand social media and how to leverage our platform to drive results. Out of the hundreds of industry leaders that I've met, Kat is one of the few early adopters that truly understand the value and necessity of leveraging social media. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about social selling, and I highly recommend her as a thought leader and driver of innovation in the insurance industry.
    Stephanie Diec
  • Kat has the exceptional ability to take a concept to reality! She systematically approached the redesign of my web site from a thought to a go live position. A pleasure to do business with Kat and she is now working on the creative of my first book!
    Todd Millar
    RT Millar Holdings
  • I was very fortunate to participate in some of Kat's facilitated sessions around social media usage and guidelines. I very quickly saw how it all ties back into the communication strategy and reputation of an organization and the far-reaching impact of it's use, or misuse. I found her sessions eye-opening on multiple levels; as a user, consumer, employee and HR professional. Kat's organized approach to delivery offers impactful relevant learning to individual employees and businesses alike. She has a no nonsense, practical approach that I can really get behind as an HR practitioner. Businesses and individuals alike need a trusted resource like Kat to help them formulate a strategy that aligns with their brand or objectives. I highly recommend (and personally) align with her vision and approach as a professional. The influence and impact of social media and communication is far too important to approach without a carefully considered and well carried out strategy, and as either an individual or an organization, Kat is definitely someone you want on your side to help build and execute yours.
    Leona Furrow, CHRP
    Long View Systems
  • Kat is always the first one in and last one out on a project. She has a great ability to see the strategy behind an action. Every time I’ve had the pleasure to work with her, she is always insightful and brings a creative approach to any role. Proactive, strategic, creative and fun to work with.
    Craig Cherrett
    Special Olympics Alberta
  • When we hired Kat we knew our online presence was lacking on many levels. What we did know was how much opportunity there was for us out there if we really took control. Kat has introduced us to the power of social media. We are using Kat's tools and training to grow our business, assist our clients and communicate in a real time manner that we never imagined we could. Kat has a passion for what she does and a natural ability to teach us.
    Austen Lillies
    Rogers Insurance
  • I had the pleasure of working with Kat on several L&D initiatives and I learned quickly she takes a keen interest in understanding the projects she is a part of. What I like most about her work is her ability to be so versatile! She's able to see things from different angles and put things into perspective for others. That's an admirable trait in a professional! I would highly recommend Kat!
    Ivana Savic
    Intact Insurance
  • Kat is amazing when it comes to all dealings in Social Media. I pick her brain all the time on how to best deal with LinkedIn and she is brilliant. Kat's skills, training and patience is fantastic.
    Marv Martin, CIP
  • Kat has introduced me to a whole new aspect of Social Media. Her insights and experience in making Social Media work for businesses has been invaluable. As change is ongoing and inevitable, we must always look for ways to innovate and adapt, or be left behind. Kat brings a fresh approach to communications and sales.
    Debra Cartier, CAIB
    Prairie Villa Insurance
  • In addition to her engaging and gregarious presence, Kat is very driven when it comes to developing and sharing her keen expertise in social media and communications. It is an inspiration to work alongside someone who is so passionate about their work.
    Heather McCann
    Marsh Canada
  • I had the pleasure of attending a Social Media session facilitated by Kat. She was extremely knowledgeable, gave clear direction and made the lesson fun. Kat was also diligent with her follow-up, ensuring my fellow participant's success after following the session. Thanks Kat!
    Arla Hillis
  • Kat possesses a strong knowledge of communications, specifically electronic bases, and has great skill at being able to pass that knowledge on to those of us learning the technical aspect of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
    Lorri Christensen
  • Kat is excellent at brand management and social media presence development. She does this by ensuring consistent and timely content is continuously updated, which helps drive an organic stream of traffic to our website and social media page. This has really helped us improve our search engine ranking and the business generated from our website!
    Kevin Lea
  • Kat most certainly is the Trailblazer of social media & digital marketing in the insurance industry; she has a great ability to teach people how to use it, why it works-and its power!
    Julie Visser
    Rogers Insurance
  • Kat worked on several social media projects for me at Sharp Insurance. Sharp is a sister company to Rogers Insurance. Her work ethic is outstanding. She pays attention to details and takes her work very seriously and with a lot of pride. Our social media efforts greatly improved and Kat was eager to try to new ideas and strategies to improve our results. I would highly recommend Kat for the work she does.
    Sherif Gemayel
    Sharp Insurance